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Our Team

debrah bishop headshot
Debrah Bishop
President & CEO

Well known for managing large and environmentally complex projects, Debrah is highly effective in balancing the demands of regulatory requirements with the needs of operations and construction.
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dave edwards headshot
Dave Edwards
Vice President & CFO

An internationally recognized leader in the solid waste and energy arena, Dave provides experience-based services, strategies, and insightful direction, with successful management of large complex technical projects in a constantly changing industry.
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wendy edwards headshot
Wendy Edwards
Co-Founder & Corporate Secretary

Wendy provides leadership in the areas of quality customer service, continual process improvement, employee development, and company ethical values, along with guiding DEI to maintain our high professional standards in balance with our family-oriented philosophy.

stu clark headshot
Stu Clark
Principal, Waste & Recycling Consultant

Widely known for laying the foundation for cultural change through development of model recycling and diversion programs, integrating recycling into the solid waste business, and solving challenging problems for public and private entities to result in far reaching positive environmental impacts.
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kyle edwards headshot
Kyle Edwards
Project Manager

From the expansion of landfill gas collection and control systems to the installation of processing equipment, Kyle manages the entire process from development of requests for proposals and permitting through construction management, start up and commissioning.  Kyle focuses on identifying and mitigating project risks before the start of construction and prides himself on limiting change orders.
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jamie edwards headshot
Jaime Edwards
Office Manager

With her organized approach, Jaime provides administrative support to the DEI team ensuring that all aspects of the company are held together. She is also on the front line with our clients.

randy chapman
Randy Chapman
Senior Technical Advisor and Project Manager

Randy brings a wealth of upper management and consultation experience in operations of renewable power sources, including landfill gas, wind turbine, and other power generation systems throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
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frank kiesler headshot
Frank Kiesler
Senior Technical Advisor and Project Manager

Drawing on over 29 years of experience in the solid waste management industry, Frank has an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with running a variety of solid waste management facilities. His experience runs the gamut from managing an entire sanitation district; operating large and small landfills; business development; to operating material recovery facilities and organics management. See full resume (pdf download)

jack isola headshot
Jack Isola
Senior Facility Advisor

Jack has unique hands-on experience, having served one of the nation’s largest waste companies, managed transfer, recycling, organics project development and operations over four decades. He provides DEI meaningful analysis and comment in mixed solid waste, recycling, and organics processing projects.
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bob peterson headshot
Bob Peterson
Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Bob brings to our team over 45 years of international experience in the waste management industry having long held executive leadership positions in the industry in Hong Kong and in the United States. His expertise includes design, construction, operation and management of various types of facilities, including landfills, hazardous waste treatment facilities, recycling, gas to energy, leachate treatment and site remediation.
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